Thanks for such a wonderful service. It was really pleasure working with you all. Your company really values customers expectations and meet them at given deadlines. You understand your client’s requirement and work accordingly to give the desired output. We recommend that if you are looking for rotoscoping, VFX and other visual effects services, go for Rotoscoping Services Studio.

Roxanna Lee

Rotoscoping  Services-Visual Effects Rotoscoping Service Studio for Outsourcing VFX India

From Childhood everyone is fascinated by the special effects in movies, cartoon serials and daily soaps. It’s a different kind of world. Everyone thinks, it is for real. But as they grew up they know it’s all visual effects VFX, which gives all movies, serials and cartoon those special effects. Now a day’s all movies or daily soaps and cartoon serials are using VFX Rotosoping Services to give their production an extra level. This visual effects VFX Rotoscoping services used by film makers attracts lot of public attention and make them come inside movies hall to watch it. The popularity and attention which a movie get due to use of visual effects Rotoscoping services is huge.

Being a VFX Rotoscoping Studio we understand the power of Visual Effects VFX services. We know how important it is to be a good VFX service provider, as Each and every film fraternity requires those kind of Rotoscoping services for their movies, serials or cartoon shows. We at VFX Rotoscoping studio understand the need of our clients and make their dreams come true. Our artist are creative as well as technically sound to provide the best Visual Effects VFX services. We offer world class Rotoscopings services at competitive price.

We at VFX Rotoscoping Studio are equipped with all the creative and technical work you need for your Movie or Serials. Either it’s a single VFX shot, environment creation, set extension, 3D animation, blurring, rig removal, matte painting, composting or complete post production of your video, we can handle all kind of VFX services.


Rotoscoping Services

We offer high quality rotoscoping services VFX for films, daily soaps, TV, advertisements and more. Our artists are expert in the desired domain and are serving our clients from all over the world. The technological and detailing aspects of our rotoscoping artists are wonderful and you need not to worry about your projects. If you are looking for best rotoscoping services then outsource your roto work to US and relax.

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Once Director or Producer starts to dream, we work on their vision to bring things to reality. We are a team of passionate and dedicate artists who are mad about their work and it’s perfection. We don’t leave any stone un-turned, if there are slightest of the possibility to do things to perfection. Our Rotoscoping, VFX, Cleanup, Paint , Animation, Tracking and Compositing services are well known to our clients all over the world. The whole team who works on numerous projects together has years of experience and they know how to blend technology with visual effects & art. Without passion a creative work can’t be performed and we at Rotoscoping Service VFX studio bring the beautiful canvas alive. For us our customers are our real assets and there privacy and data protection is also one of our biggest positive points. We take these things very seriously and its under high security and not available to anyone. Our strength lies in high quality delivery, timely completion of project and making our clients happy. We deliver all over the world in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, India and all other parts of the world. If you are looking for best rotoscoping services studio. TRY US TODAY.

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Working with Rotoscoping Services VFX studio was a wonderful experience. They are well equipped to meet client expectations. All their artists are passionate about their work and the rates for each services are reasonable. Thanks for providing such a wonderful output related to roto and cleanup for our projects.

Curt Newmen


If you are looking for getting quality work in short duration, Rotoscoping VFX Studio services are best for that. It was Saturday and I contacted them, Nash V was the guy who coordinated the project and delivered it on Monday. It was super fast as i needed, all the paint and vfx work was of great quality. Thanks to the team

Brianna Kuhl

VFX Compositer

I was looking for a 3D animation and modeling company and i came across Rotoscoping Services Studio. They are experts and understood our requirements easily. One thing i want to add, they did revisions till final output was perfect, so they believe in 100% customer satisfaction. Thanks to them.

Milda Baginskaitė

Film Director

We were looking for a company expert in VFX tracking services. We came across Rotoscoping VFX Studio, although this was a new company for us but the way they presented themselves, we worked with them. And thank god we get the best work in timely manner. All projects for them now. Thanks

Ben Dalgleish







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