Matchmove : Crucial Step for VFX

Process of Matchmove is one of the most crucial step in VFX industry because without it 3D data cannot be transformed into live action footage. With improvements in software and system that run them, Vfx matchmove services has become affordable and artist can accomplish it easily. It is also known as motion tracking which is considered tedious task because it involves isolating and tracing objects within image. Today this technique is frequently used by production companies that make commercial, movies or TV serials. There are many match move services in India which provide outstanding matchmoving services which turns an ordinary footage to live action video that gives mesmerizing experience to the viewers.

Match move services or Matchmove has also become need of the time for animation and film industry because it allow artist to add 3D element which gives realistic effect. This visual effect technique basically involve placement of 3D elements into real footage like placing an animal in pre recorded camera footage. To make the footage look accurate and real, artist also use a virtual camera which moves in the same way like camera in live action video. Companies that provide outsource match moving services use this technique to ensure that  any object that get render in 3D will remain in same angle as live action footage.



Use Of Match Move Services In Movies

Today, film industry frequently use matchmoving at least in one scene of the movie. Today film maker outsource match move services even the genre of movie is based on pure drama. Match move involve different VFX method such as 3D Camera Tracking, 2D Tracking, Body Tracking, Rotomation, Object Tracking and more. Motion tracking allow artist to track one, two and even more points in an image to utilize and record the rotational, translational and apparent scaling of  data. There are many rotoscoping studios and visual effect companies in India which provide outstanding Vfx matchmove services for movie, commercial or TV series. 

There are different types of motion tracking or matchmoving techniques used by animation industry. Some company use all methods while some are expertise in a single technique. Every motion capture technology has its own strength and they provide specif effect to live action video. Companies that outsource match move services generally use following techniques :


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2D Matchmoving : This process help to track features in 2D environment. It doesn’t contain elements such as distortion and camera movement. Usually match move services in India use this technique when the project doesn’t include major changes of camera angle. This method has limited usage and is generally employed for changing or replacing 2D image into live action footage like a program or advertisement running on the TV.

3D Matchmoving : It is more efficient then 2D matchmoving and popular among VFX artist. This process incorporate inserting of 3D information into available footage. It also allow the creation of virtual camera which help film maker to see real time representation of footage. For this reason it is also known as real-time matchmoving and it give many competencies while creating live action movie or video.

Studios that outsource match move services also green screen along-with this technology because it allow them to know about CG characters and set extensions which they can incorporate later. Now you are well known of importance of matchmoving, so if you also have any project which need this technique you can contact match move services in India.






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