What is Rotoscoping?

Rotoscoping is an animation technique which was used in initial stage ofthe movie industry. It connotes tracing of motion live picture frame by frame for applying in animated films. The animators can get quite realistic actions by tracing actor in the scene.In the initial period, animators used to project movie images of live-action onto glass panel and later traced over images. This projection device is known as a Rotoscope which was developed by renowned animator Max Fleischer. It was replaced by the computers eventually, but still the process is called as Rotoscoping. In VFX industry, it is a technique of manually creating mask for an element on the live-action plate so it can be compounded over another background.Yetit is still applied on subjects that are not in front of blue or green screen owing to practical or economic reasons.


How Does VFX Rotoscoping Work?

A roto artistmarks out an object by applying set of tools incompositing software to generate new alpha channel for particular part of a video or image in Roto Studio. Unlike computer generated imagery which can simply add the alpha channel to its images, footage film taken directly from a camera has got no alpha data. Thus a Roto artist will require to create manually that alpha by tracing elements within video. A Roto artist produces various shapes around an object and later animates those shapes to match movement on every frame.

Depending upon complexity of shot, Rotoscoping process can consume hours or even days to finish. The application of green or blue screen can make procedure of compositing different elements into single scene easier, but every shot cannot take benefit of green or blue screen. Hence it still has significant role in the production of the visual effects.

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What is Rotoscoping in visual effects industry?

In visual effect industry, Rotoscoping process has slightly different purpose and is used to create a mask or matte for an element. Hence it is extracted out to a place on different background and masked out so that colors can be changed.It provides opportunities to film makers in producing scenes that will otherwise be difficult, dangerous, impossible or costly to film. Rotoscoping India is one of the fastest growing industry in our country because in spite of multiple changes in VFX technology, conventional roto techniques are still in use.

Rotoscopy Present and the Future

Rotoscopy has now become a creative animation and visual effect technique in its own ambit. The meaning of Software programs here is that there are new ways to carry out whole roto procedure without using physical film. Therefore it is less time consuming and animators can work in various layers using one layer as the digitized image. The evolution of more powerful computers as well as more complex software applications stands for required effects can be achieved with lesser effort. However, Rotoscopy techniques still require skilled artists to make sure that everything is working superb. Roto artists need to take immense amounts of training as well as discipline to bring magic to screens.

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