2D/3D Animation Production Company In India

Nowadays, computer animation has taken over traditional animation because it gives a more clear view of the characters. 2D/3D animation is the type of computer animation which is currently used in the VFX industry. Whether it is a video program, motion picture, or other means of animation presentation, 2D and 3D animation are frequently used by filmmakers. No matter if it is 2D/3D animation, artists have to work hard to create every object or character. Because of the increasing demand for animation, the production team takes help of 3D and 2D animation outsourcing companies in India to accomplish their project.


2D and 3D animations technology are being successfully used in different fields ranging from television content to the entertainment industry including games and e-commerce. 2D/3D animation includes number or processes to create a single object or character. There are many 2D/3D animated video production services companies in India that provide high quality animation service for short films, commercial, animated comics, games, and more.

Basic Difference Between 2D/3D Animation Technique:-

2D figures or characters are created on the computer with help of vector or 2D bitmap graphics. Using this animation technique, artist can create only 2D dimensional characters. It means the character only poses its width and height but no depth. 2D animation outsourcing companies create 2D animation characters using traditional drawing technique which is also known as cell animation method. In this process, every action is created frame by frame using hand drawing. 

Modern animator also use software to create action sequence of the animated character. In this process, they only have to create first action and software will create the remaining action sequence automatically. Some traditional animators rely on 2D animation outsourcing companies in India because :

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  • Their production team can’t afford expense of 3D technology

  • Production time is low and it take less time to created 2D animation

  • It is easy to produce and use less technology & software than 3D

  • It is easy to fix 2D animation error because you just have to redraw it

On the other hand, in 3D animation all characters are 3 dimensional which means the character also poses depth along-with height and width. 2D/3D animated video production services company in India follow different steps in creating 3D animation which include modeling, lighting, texturing, rendering, rigging etc. While creating a 3D character every process is performed using advanced computer software. These 3D software provide numerous options to animator using which they can create and animate everything which is beyond the imaginations. But the softwares are not enough to crate 3D character, it also require skilled professional to complete the process.

With the advancement in technology and development in software, 3D animation is need of the day. Below are the benefits of 3D animation technique which make production house to approach 2D/3D animated video production services company in India

  • 3D animated characters are more realistic as well as exciting

  • It gives best viewing experience in compare to 2D animation

  • Children are used to of it and they easily relate to 3D characters

  • 3D models can be reused for other project which lowers the production cost

 So, 2D/3D animation are the most common forms of animation used today and they have their own pros and cons. Before approaching 3D or 2D animation outsourcing companies, every production team have to determine their purpose and look of the project.






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