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When we talk of amazon prime “Undone” we can’t leave the beautiful work of rotoscopy to make the performances alive. Undone is extremely beautiful cartoonified series where each characters are performing outstanding. This has been done with the beauty of rotoscoping services, which has captured the beauty of their performances, leading the front from Rosa Salazar moves. The beautiful creation of a women who has a great journey through space and time. The beautiful work of rotoscope has made this series so popular and has been considered as one of the finest work of rotoscopy , which has done miracles to the series.

Rotoscoping technique was originally invented in 1915 by animator Max Fleischer, which directly traces live action performances. It was used by walt Disney for the series which were very popular of their time “Snow White” and “Seven dwarfs”. Talking of “Undone” Initially there were no plans of this series to be animated but Dutch animator Hisko Husling was signed as director and he is a rotoscoping expert, thus this happened and happened for the best.

Rotoscoping is considered sometimes as hard and cumbersome job but if it is perfectly done, it changes the dimension of the footage. The required animation and beauty can be achieved by performing rotoscoping. It is now widely used in films, series, and cartoon throughout the world. The difference which it makes to the footage brings life to anything.

Undone is not the first series to use rotoscoping but it’s been talk of the town. From old times all films, television series, cartoon and video games are using rotoscoping techniques and will also be used in future.