If you looking for VFX wire removal services, you are at the right place. Nowadays, The VFX wire removal technique is used in many Hollywood or Bollywood movies, Television serials, video games, and advertisements to restore imaginary events into the real world. In ad films mainly 3d animation is used. However, the most common VFX is 2d animation. This is used for the digital manipulation of images to perform VFX in filmmaking.


VFX wire removing services


What is VFX?

VFX is also known as a visual effect. VFX has changed the world of filmmaking whether it is acting or writing a movie because through VFX we can add virtual visuals in a movie that is difficult to create in reality.


What is the work of VFX artists?

When the shooting of a movie is completed then in post-production the role of VFX artists starts by using rotoscoping after effects. The VFX artist is the one who makes the movie attractive.

VFX artists add imaginary things, 3D elements, lighting, fire, smoke, and by removing VFX wire by adding them they create a movie that becomes the final production after that the audience watches the movie in the theater.

After the shooting of the movie, the more difficult work is of the VFX artist. If any movie will been completed without a VFX artist then the audience will not enjoy the movie.


What is the meaning of the VFX wire removal technique and how it is used?

You might have watched heroes flying in the movie such as SUPERMAN, SPIDERMAN, and KRRISH or many times actors cross one building from another building. How does this happen you must have thought about it. This is done through the VFX wire removal technique.


With this technique, the actors or villains are tied up with a strong wire with a jacket inside their cloth, and after that, the stunt steam pulls the wire behind the camera according to the need. Moreover, in post-production, the wire is removed.


Different techniques to remove VFX wire

Different types of techniques to remove VFX wire

To use VFX wire removal services there are various types of techniques that are used for wire removal in the film industry. Some of them are discussed below:


      1. Painting frame by frame:

In this technique, the VFX artist removes the wire from the footage in order to paint frame by frame (in 1 second there are almost 24 fps). Every and every row is painted in every frame which is a difficult job.


      2. Source nodes or roto clone tools:

There are quick computer-assisted approaches for cloning and painting. A usual approach is to make a matte of the wire. This matte cut a hole in the image, and that image frame is shifted to disclose some part of the frame which is wire-free.


The main reason for the achievement of this approach is that it is similar to the motion blur or light changes because all the frames withdraw from the same frame for the fix. This technique is mainly used by those who provide VFX wire removal services.


       3. Stabilise and paint black:

This technique is mainly used where the wire is moving with the background. When the background gets stable the artist can easily paint the previous frame where the cable was not present.


The main problem arises with the motion blur. The stabilized image has still some kind of a blur content in some original camera movement. when we open the offset background it will show the wrong amount of blur, which is a problem.


        4. Rig removal through patching over the top:

This wire removal service technique is totally based on searching the clean frame from another destination point and then we pass it from the wire which has to be removed from the video. It works best on a stable camera as compared to the moving background


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