Green Screen Composting Services

Green screen is a technique used in visual effects in which two images or footage are composited together. With the help of this technique VFX artist can drop preferred background image or video behind the scene. Nowadays, it is frequently used in film production to put the desired background behind actor, subject or presenter. Because of the increasing demand of this effect, many production company or studio provide green screen compositing services to add amazing effect to the movie or video. Movie or videos recorded on green screen are also beneficial because you can remove green screen from footage and add it to required background. So along-with compositing, demand of green screen extraction services is also high in VFX industry.


Importance Of Green Screen Compositing Services

Many production company or film makers are not capable to shoot the video on required location. This problem usually arise when the budget is low or it is not possible to access the location in limited time. So in that situation, when futuristic, historic or hard to access, production team outsource green screen compositing services to get the perfect background. Using this technique artist can include even those background which is not easy to access after spending lots of money as well as time. In order to get best result from the green screen set-up, artist need some essential equipments, such as :

Backdrops : Professional video creators utilize a green screen that easily get adjust to meet demands of project. Backdrops are specially designed for location and studio work. It comes in different material like paper, paint or fabric and the large size projects to include lots of on-screen action. A wrinkle free backdrop is preferred in green screen extraction services.


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Lighting : Proper lighting is necessary in green screen backdrop to get better result in editing time. So, artist make sure that every area of backdrop get proper light. Today production team use different types of LED light because they offer amazing color rendition as well as output

Cameras : Shooting on green screen requires latest camera and a 4K camera is preferred by professional artist. Studio that provide green screen compositing services prefer 4K camera to get high resolution video which also gives better output.

Software : recording green screen video is not enough, you will need to edit it with the help of dedicated software. Whether is is rotoscoping, compositing or green screen extraction services, artist use advance software to take video to next level.

Skills Needed To Edit Green Screen Videos

After setting the green screen system, compositors proceed for final step which is video editing. Generally, tow types of chroma keying is used by production companies during green screen compositing services, ultra key and color key effect. Color key effect take place by removing pixels which is similar to hex code. According to expert, it works well with the graphics along with digitally rendered colors. On the other hand, ultra key is used in green screen extraction services to remove green screen from videos with different shades and tones. Using this technique one can get impressive result even the video is recorded in dim-light.






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