Best Rig Removal Services In India

Rig removal is one of the toughest works in VFX which includes the process of removing unwanted elements from the footage. This process is also known as wire removal and VFX artists complete these difficult processes with the help of Rotoscoping. Roto artists make use of wires, safety rigs, and other elements to shoot a video. But to make the scene realistic, it is necessary to remove the unwanted elements and it makes the filmmakers outsource rig removal services. As already said, rig removal is not an easy job and it is accomplished with the help of skilled roto artistss who use the latest software to deliver the output. 

Rig removal can also be partly automated using different forms of keying or editing each frame manually. In this process, the production team first shoot live-action video of models or actors in who are suspended on wires in front of green screen. After that the video is handed over to artist who provide VFX rig removal services. Now, editors start erasing the wires or other unwanted objects frame by frame without erasing backdrop which is added later in the footage. In case, the sequence is not filmed in front of the green screen, editors need to hand paint the wires.


Techniques Of Rig Removal In Visual Effects

According to roto artist, rig removal is extremely challenging job and if it is not done properly, it may ruin the viewing experience. Whether it is 2D or 3D film, removing unwanted wires and object need perfection to put real feel in the live action scene. No matter how experience is the artist, some footage contains such unwanted and tiny objects which is not easy to remove. Studios that outsource rig removal services use different technique to complete this task. Below are the basic techniques which is used in rig removal :

Painting Frame By Frame : Some VFX rig removal services use this process to remove wires and rig from live action scene. Artist use a clone tool to remove rig and other unwanted projects from every frame of footage. Cloning is effective because it not only clones color, it also clone noise or grain which is present in the footage. It also need perfection because if it is done over a series of frame and something went wrong, it seems that images are boiling.


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Patching Over The Top : Studio that outsource rig removal services frequently use this rig removal technique. The process basically include finding clean frame from fresh point of clip and pasting it on the top of offensive wire or rig. According to expert, this technique works better on footage recorded from static cameras and not works well on moving object. Artist use various trick to complete this process such as reducing grain or noise, compounding etc.

Removing Rig Or Wire From Moving Shot

It is not easy to remove rigs or wires from a moving shot or object. So to resolve this issue, artist first stabilize the footage and then invert stabilization. This process is also known as paint back or stabilize. In order to remove unwanted rigs from moving shot, production team outsource rig removal services where artist first stable the background and then and paint back to previous frame from where wire need to remove. If you are also making film or video which contain action scenes, you can hire VFX rig removal services.






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