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Are you searching for outsource VFX cleanup that will mesmerize your audience with its professionalism and cleanup? Fortunately, you are absolutely in the right place! To do so we are backed up with an excellent team of experts who work effortlessly in fields of animation, outsource VFX cleanup, rotoscoping, fine arts, VFX artist, media and engineering, to make it a big success. It holds a comprehensive assortment of services that incorporates VFX cleanup services in India, rotoscoping, stereo masking, wire removing, colorization, clean plate, 2D & 3D animation and much more. All of our VFX cleanup services in India are available at affordable rates.

VFX is also known as Visual Effects which is just a technique that is used to mix real shooting with the animated images. Nowadays, almost all the movies make use of VFX technique to shoot the action scenes.

VFX is basically done in three segments which have been mentioned below:-

  • Matte Painting: In these segments, different kinds of imagery characters and objects are combined together in order to create the desired output.
  • Effects of Live Action: With the help of blue or green screening, live-action is shoot.
  • Digital Animation: By the use of various software, experts add or remove different elements according to the requirement of the movie. Under this category, rotoscope, particle effects, compositing, digital backgrounds or sets are used.

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VFX cleanup is basically the technique of creating the final drawings that you see in the finished film and tracking provides real-time information and the amount of animation data produced by tracking its motion within a given time is large. It also holds a wide variety of VFX cleanup services in India which are performed with the optimum expertise. VFX cleanup has the best artists, who keep armed with the latest tools and technology available in a manner to produce high-quality work for Feature films, commercials, and TV shows. They have the latest tools and technology available to produce high-quality work for feature films, commercials, and TV shows for doing the VFX cleanup.

Aside from these, we are specialists in an artist-led, fully scalable visual effects support services studio. Also deliver rotoscope, rotomation, keying, compositing, prep, match move and asset build for feature films, commercials, and tv content. From rotoscope to complex cleanup, stitching for 360 videos, VR content or compositing for simple shots. We are a reliable partner for outsourcing VFX cleanup along with the Roto, Paint, Matchmove, Compositing and so on. As we have completed numerous outsource VFX cleanup projects related to VFX / Roto / Stereo Roto / Paint / Cleanup / Compositing etc. It is one of the largest VFX outsourcing service provider companies in India. Thus, we provide excellent visual effects services, roto, clean up, match move, compositing, 3d animation, CG, modeling, etc.

Our VFX Cleanup services mainly include the following:

• Replace Another Object
• Clean Unwanted Object
• Change Object Position

So, figure out the premium quality of VFX cleanup services offered by us, to cater to your specific requirements while being in budget and meet deadlines successfully. We are always ready to satisfy the needs and requirements customers.






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