What is VFX Compositing?

Compositing is a combination of visual elements of different sources into a single image. Today, this technique is frequently used in visual effect industry because it allow to integrate different digital assets into a live action film. Because of the increasing demand of this technique, animation or production companies start providing VFX compositing services in India. In VFX pipeline, compositing is the final step where compositor (VFX artist) layer different element in such a way which make them appear like they belong to same space. Compositing company also provide chroma key compositing services in which they use green or blue screen to layer two footage together which gives an outstanding effect to the final outcome.


Main purpose of VFX compositing services is to give the viewers an illusion that all elements are the parts of one scene. Generally production company embed this visual effect in movies, commercial ad TV serials with the help of a compositing software. However, compositing is not easy and compositing studio in India have to find depth of the requirement and camera lenses before they start shooting plates for a project. Many VFX artist of 3D compositing studio in India use following compositing technique to create 3D realistic environment in footage : 

  • Matte paintings : In this process a painted glass pane is used to display large set of piece like landscape. Usually 2D compositing studio in India use this technique to combine different object and character in live footage.

  • Rotoscoping : In this animation technique artist use frame by frame drawing to produce live action video. Generally this process is used by production companies that provide 3D compositing services in India.

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What Is 2D And 3D Compositing Services?

Production companies that provide VFX compositing outsourcing, composite into two and three dimension or sometime mixture of both. For some project 2D composting is faster and appropriate and some use 3D composting for advanced effects. Compositor who provide 2D compositing services in India often change layer of 2D to 3D according to their project. Let’s know about both the services in detail :

2D compositing services : In this process artist can make composites by ordering the layers, where higher layer obscure lower layer. When artist are working on 2D layer then camera and light doesn’t have any effect. In a VFX company 2D department doesn’t have many specialties when compare to the 3D compositing.

3D compositing services : Using this visual effect method, artist can switch the layers to 3D at any point with the help of 3D as well as 2D toggle. In composite shot, if 3D layers are present then artist must require a camera. Creating 3D layer without camera layers will only give the option to switch back to the 2D.

VFX Compositing In Gaming And Movies

Film or game maker outsource compositing in almost every project at least in one of the scenes. Production companies use different compositing services to give illusionary effect to the footage which include Crowd Replication, Stereo Alignment, split screen Composite, Set Extension, mobile or monitor Screen Composite and more. Companies that provide VFX compositing services in India have the ability to help film maker with small as well as bulk requirements for compositing. Whether you have to create business related video, training purpose video, ad film, YV series or films, compositing will provide eye-catching effect






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