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Unlike all the latest technology developments and advancements, geographical boundaries are getting blurred. India has now become one of the preferred choices for roto and outsources VFX paint projects, VFX paint outsourcing services. Outsource VFX paint offer high-quality paint and cleanup services. VFX paint artist can remove anything that you want to remove for you, and if you need wire removal and rig removals, objects removals dust and scratch removal and much more can be removed easily. VFX paint outsourcing services provide VFX Paint / Prep Outsourcing Services and customized VFX services for studios and individual filmmakers across the globe. It provides excellent VFX paint outsourcing services mainly in these segments that are roto, cleans up, matches move, compositing, 3d animation, CG, modeling, rigging, compositing & matte Painting. Thus, outsourcing in India is a multifold beneficial for companies and some VFX studios also work solely as roto and paint outsourcing. VFX paint outsourcing provides VFX rotoscoping, VFX paint and match move tracking to their clients Globally.


It does outsourcing for your VFX paint, rotoscoping paint match move compositing & animation projects visual effects services. On the other end, VFX paint outsourcing services include the Rotoscoping/Roto, Tracking/Matchmove and Paint/Cleanup. Aside from all these the VFX paint studios are also doing a great job in this field. We are capable & determined for Cleanup artists to work for VFX paint studio. The Digital Paint Artist creates background plates and restores sequence paint for high-end visual effects. VFX paint studio has hands-on experience with 2D paint, VFX paint, and stereo paint. VFX paint studio can handle difficult to extremely difficult paint tasks within a fast-paced environment. It also has the ability to troubleshoot Nuke paint scripts for issues when they arise.VFX paint services are the process of removing unwanted artifacts, reconstruct a background or digitally correct a render or composite of the shots. VFX paint services in India have the responsibility of ensuring an optimal setup for VFX paint, chroma-keying which is tantamount to achieve excellent workflow on the VFX production pipeline. VFX paint services in India is the technique of removing tracking markers, wire/rig removal after the creation of masks around characters and objects. 

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VFX paint services in India use a robust backend of talented VFX paint artists and leading advanced technologies paired with superb management and its clients enjoy unprecedented savings on their VFX paint services and outsourcing needs. Thus, it offers the best in both talent and technology. VFX paint services in India are always on the move for new innovative uses of comprehensive VFX paint, stereoscopic 3D film making techniques, especially in paint artistry. VFX paint services cater especially to the VFX needs of the advertising, entertainment, media industry, gaming and science, and technology industries.

VFX paint services mainly include the following that is:


  • Digital makeup

  • Beauty work/clean-up

  • Recreation Of Missing Objects

  • Wire/Rig Removal

  • Face/Body retouches

  • Reflection removal

  • Dust / Scratch Removal

  • Stereo Paint






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