VFX Rotoscoping Service

What is VFX Rotoscoping service?

VFX Rotoscoping is an animation process that was used in the earliest stage of the film industry. Rotoscoping is also known as “ROTO” In the VFX industry, it is a technique of hand-creating a mask for an aspect on the live-activity plate so it can be compounded over another background. Rotoscope was improved by Max Fleischer VFX Rotoscoping is used for visual effects in TV ads, Hollywood movies, and Bollywood movies.

How VFX Rotoscoping work: –

VFX Rotoscoping artists need to manually frame that start by tracing over the essence within the video. Roto artists generate different shapes around an object and animate those shapes to match the agitation on each frame. The Roto artist traces an object using a set of tools within the compositing software to create a new channel for a typical part of an image or video. The use of blue and green screens can make the process of compositing different traits into a scene much easier end on the involvement of the shot, the technique of VFX Rotoscoping can also days to complete. Rotoscoping yet plays an important role in the production of visual effects. Since VFX Rotoscoping service is used in approximately every movie and television ad, series, or show that uses visual effects, it is not astonishing that Roto Artists play an important role within the VFX pipeline. There are many different compositing applications that have the essential tools to get started with Rotoscoping. Rotoscoping is an art form in itself, so ability does not happen overnight. Therefore, you should first achieve solid basic knowledge.

Why VFX Rotoscoping service: –

Apart from being an innovative tool to use in your videos, the VFX Rotoscoping service is a weird solution for many Filmmaking problems. Rotoscoping can be used to produce special effects, overhaul shots, or add a fun twist to your video.

After Effects Rotoscoping: –

In back the early 1900s, Rotoscoping has long been an element part of the filmmaking trail. If you’re not similar to the phrase, Rotoscoping is mostly the growth of cutting things out of your frame. While the process originally started as a hand-drawn technique, it has caused technology to the point where it can now be done entirely in After Effects. There are several ways to Rotoscope in After Effects.

VFX Rotoscoping After Effects

Rotoscope service with Roto Brush

CS5, the Roto Brush is one of the effortless tools applicable for Rotoscope artists. The Roto Brush works in a related fashion to a brush in Photoshop. Easily drag it over your cut-out perfect frame. The tool isn’t perfect, but if you have smooth objects in your scene, you can easily extract them using this tool.

Rotoscoping service with Mask Path

Addition way to Rotoscope in After Effects is to wield a mask frame by frame. But this technique isn’t ideal; it will usually harvest results far better than that of the Roto Brush.

Rotoscoping service by Hand

Rotoscoping by hand

You may not imagine this, but masks will cavity between keyframes in After Effects. So, if you set a mask, move ahead, and change the mask shape, the mask will slowly trap into the new shape between keyframes. This is beyond the price for Rotoscoping, as it can you from going frame by frame to get a perfect Rotoscope.

VFX Rotoscoping Service We Offer

VFX Painting

VFX Paint is a process for pulling out rejected artifacts and restoring the applicable background.   It is used to digitally correct a requital or combo. VFX Paint is basically used to create matters which are used to reflect the motion of any specific object over a series of possible frames.

Film Colorization

Film Colorization is a method of adding color to a movie that was basically shot in white and black the concept of colorization work in India is not new and has been all over us for more than 4 decades.

Motion Tracking

Motion Tracking is a technique of motion capturing the movement of people or objects Match moving, is a cinematic process that allows the infusion of computer graphics in the live-action footage in the correct position.


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