About 3D Matchmoving

Do you know about 3D Matchmoving? If No, this website is the right place, It is important for VFX artists. Basically, matchmoving is the process of motion tracking or camera solving and calibrating the live footage with the correct position, scale, and orientation. On the other hand, Matchmoving is the process transfer the real-life movement of the camera into a virtual model. These models are generated from a computer with the help of matchmoving software. If you want to create the 3D matchmoving you need a virtual camera that moves exactly like the camera in the live-action footage. The 3D matchmoving word is derived from matchmove and animation. It refers to the process of manually tracking frame by frame. Matchmoving techniques are used to create the track of the movement. The best example suite for the Hollywood movies is Avengers and Transformers.

What are the types of 3D matchmovings you should know?

There are two different forms of 3D matchmoving are mentioned below:

  • 2D matchmoving
  • 3D matchmoving

2D matchmoving:

2D is two-dimensional matchmoving which only tracks the features in 2D matchmoving space and It does not affect the camera movement or distortion. It is used for replacing the image on the television or changing the advertisement on a Billboard that is in the live-action footage.

3D matchmoving:

3D is three-dimensional matchmoving which measures many of the characteristics of an object and combines them over time. 3D matchmoving is a tool to extract the 3D data from 2D footage.

How do you track 3D matchmoving?

The track refers to scene tracking the camera of movements of the scene and Matchmoving refers to object tracking on top of the camera track. First, you will be identifying and tracking the features. But the feature is a specific point on the image that tracks the algorithm. The algorithm is lock-on and follows the frames through multiple frames by using 3D matchmoving software. There are many strategies used in track 3D matchmoving that are Hand Tracking and Matchimation these are very similar to the hand-tracked 2D track these all are used in matching a track manually frame by frame. 3D Object tracking, Motion Control, and Motion Capture.



Why is 3D matchmoving important?

3D matchmoving is plays an important role in breathtaking cinematic sequences because it is possible to add new values to 3D information from 2D footage without 3d matchmoving. The technology used in matchmoving is software-based. In order to combine the CG (Computer Generated) elements with live-action footage. This computer-generated line does not see on top of a player, They use these markers to track the camera movement. It has the qualities to represent a model in the real or virtual world.

What is the best 3D matchmoving software?

You can try this 5 best software for 3D matchmoving software are :


  1. Syntheyes: Syntheyes is the best tool that it is an Affordable and light weighted camera tracking software. It is available to help the stabilize 360° shots and put any 3D animation that you want in your live-action filming.
  2. 3D Equalizer: 3D Equalizer is the industry-leading tracking solution. Artists from the world’s most important VFX houses depend on 3D Equalizer to deliver consistent and measured results on major projects. This software program is much deeper than a ‘One button solution’ and gives the level of control that expensive visual effects demands.Syntheyes is the best tool that it is an Affordable and light weighted camera tracking software. It is available to help the stabilize 360° shots and put any 3D animation that you want in your live-action filming.
  3. Vicon Boujou:It is program for 3D tracking camera matching it enables you to add computer-generated effects without any fault to your video footage. It provides fully automatic 3D camera monitoring and calibration.
  4. PF track: It is advanced for VFX the focus is on complex shots, It is easy to use and It will auto-track for you. It comes packed with advanced features.
  5. After Effects: You can create cinematic movie Titles, Intros, and Transitions It is used for animation, motion picture compositing, It is used in the film, and TV. It removes an object from a clip.

The uses of 3D animation are:

  • Character animation
  • Medicine
  • Architecture and design
  • Stage shows
  • Found more industries






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