VFX Wire Removal Services

Today VFX Wire effects is widely used in almost each TV serials, films, promotional advertisements, animated movies, video games etc to simulate the imaginary events into the real world.  3D animation is Visual Effect technique that is being used in every ad films, but the most common VFX is 2D animation. This is the basic form of VFX method that is used for the digital manipulation of images. For performing VFX into any film making it uses various kinds of VFX techniques. There are as many types of VFX techniques that is being used by most of the roto-artists are listed as below.

1. Matte Painting
2. Rotoscoping
3. 3D Modelling
4. VFX Wire Removal
5. Compositing
6. Motion Tracking
7. Physical Simulators
8. Green Screen


Among them the VFX wire is the most commonly used VFX technique these days. It is used in film industries. VFX wire removal services signifies to remove the wires, cables from the movies, where it is originally placed for the security reasons or to simulate the flying object or actors. If one need the characters to fly or want to do some dangerous act like standing up at distinct height for safety precautions it is always better to hang the actor on a cable to prevent major harm. Then for removing such wires so that the audience cannot see such things into the movies you need a compositor for removing it. It really a time consuming process that needs lots of patience to remove such flaws from the footage. The outsource wire removal can be partly done through using different types of automated software tools like Mocha, Nuke, Commotion, Matador and many more or each frames can be edited manually by the roto-artists.

For using the VFX wire removal services there are various kinds of techniques that are being used for the wire removal in animated industry. Some are as discussed below:

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1. VFX Wire Removal By Painting Frame By Frame

This is the most common outsource wire removal technique which is used by prep artists. In this technique the artist removes the cables from the footage in a sequences by painting frame by frame which are placed into the place one by one. Each ropes are painted out in every frames which is considered to be the most difficult job.

2. Source Nodes/ Roto clone Tools

This is another VFX wire removal technique that is being used for removing the cables from the movie clips. For using this technique the user shall approach the computer assistant for cloning and painting. In this they use to create an accurate matte which is a hole into the image of rig wire through rotoscoping. And this hole is filled by moving a same sized frame over it and pretends that this part is wire free. It is usually works because it is taken from the same frame for fixing the problem so can easily match the blur images also.

3. Stabilise and Paint Back

This is mostly used in such moving shots where the wire is moving with the background. As the background gets stable the artists can easily paints the back in the last frame where the cable was not present. But it does not likely to work with the blur images.

4. Rig Removal By Patching Over The Top

This outsource wire removal technique is entirely based on finding the clean frame from another destination point. And then pass it over the wire that has to be removed from the videos. It works excellent on the static camera but does not works on moving background.

Luckily these all techniques are used by the roto-artists in VFX wire removal services for removing the rigs, cables or wires from the video footage. 






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